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Energizing Words

Charlie Brown asks Lucy, “Do pretty girls know that they are pretty?” Lucy answers, “Only if someone tells them.” How do people know that they are ok? That they are doing a good job? That they are important to you? How will they know: . . .Only if you tell them.

The Silent Epidemic

The Silent Epidemic

A SILENT EPIDEMIC  There is a silent epidemic spreading throughout the United States and if affects all of us.  Twenty-five years ago, 1 child in 10,000 was diagnosed with autism.  Today, 1 child in 110.  Learn more about this developmental challenge, and how we can...

A Healthy Riddle?

What can you give someone that is natural, organic, naturally sweet, non-fattening, no preservatives and is 100% wholesome. It is also free and the supply is endless, and it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and cuts the risk of heart disease. It also breathes new...