Illness (Chronic)

Confronting God Loss and grief are everywhere in the landscape of our lives.  There is nothing in human life to which we are attached that is permanent and unchanging.  There is no deep or lasting bond which is not subject to the uncertainties of this world's...

Illness Of A Young Child

Sharing the Pain, Sharing the Joy
When my daughter, Crista, was four months old, her pediatrician found a lump on the right side of her abdomen. The first indication of the blood tests, ultrasound, and needle biopsy was that the tumor was malignant. For two and a half weeks we waited anxiously, yet with the peaceful knowledge that God was in control.

Caring for a Dying Friend

Caring for a Dying Friend

Editor's Note: the following poem was written by Karen Mulder's friend Ruth, who attends church with Karen. My Friend My friend Mayo Clinic Devastating news: Cancer! Surgery to remove pancreas, spleen and a portion of the liver. "O Lord, my friend is very ill. Grant...