A Power Struggle A Chinese proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  One such journey began nearly twenty-five years ago.  At that time my husband and I made a decision that the family would relocate to a new home.  We invited Grandma...

Thoughtful Gifts

The following are suggestions from families who have received thoughtful gifts that helped them cope.
■Our family greatly appreciated the gift of restaurant gift cards when we were going through a crisis. No one felt like cooking, and going to a restaurant got us “up” and “out.”
■Cook a dinner for my family. (Bring the food in disposable containers or include your name on the returnable containers.)



Everyone has times during the week when they tend to feel most alone. Evenings - weekend evenings in particular - can be tough.  Make a standing date with me to go to a movie or out for dinner, or invite me to join you in taking a fun weekly class. I'm lonely.  Invite...

Energizing Words

Charlie Brown asks Lucy, “Do pretty girls know that they are pretty?” Lucy answers, “Only if someone tells them.” How do people know that they are ok? That they are doing a good job? That they are important to you? How will they know: . . .Only if you tell them.

Trauma:  Helping Children Cope

Trauma: Helping Children Cope

After any disaster, (school violence, hurricane, floods, fire, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, physical or sexual violence, and so on) children are afraid that the event will happen again, that they or someone they love will be hurt or killed, that they may be separated from those they love and be left alone. Following are ways that you can help children cope with trauma. Most of these suggestions come from the children’s book Jenny is Scared: When Sad Things Happen in the World by Carol Shuman (Washington, DC: Magination Press, 2003).